Senior Graphic Designer

I have been in design & commercial art for nearly 35 years. Along the way I have perfected skills in product photography, color theory, product packaging, content delivery, product development, merchandising, product display, partnerships, branding and marketing, all with a heavy focus on set and setting, human psychology and buyer experience.

The common thread that all of these things share is, of course, graphic design. My career has given me the opportunity to learn and perfect all the top industry standard softwares and platforms. I can help develop, design, troubleshoot, display, brand, publish, and market nearly any product you can dream up.

The Trail of Evidence...

My focus in this life is to provide enthusiastic, energetic and ethically minded creators with everything needed to give their project the best possible position in the their respective market.

Timeless Visual Impact

In my mind this is almost always done visually. Through deliberate, timeless design, a product or brand can forever burn itself into the minds of even the most unsuspecting passersby. One only needs to look back in time to mankind’s affinity for visual communication throughout the ages to realize the impact previous creatives have had on humanity as a whole. Even the simplest subtleties in our tools, written language and imagery, there can be found lasting impact that while, more often than not is overlooked, has shaped entire cultures for millennia to come.

The design process is often a journey, and can bring incredible experiences for the designer and the client alike. I like to think a new brand's look and feel already exists and is only discovered by the process. With this approach, nothing needs to be created or forced, it simply needs to be revealed. A good graphic designer often led by each brand's destiny, if you will.

Sacred Science

And then comes... Sacred Geometry, a pattern found everywhere, in the natural world around us. Subconsciously we respond to this pattern favorably on a daily basis, usually without being aware of it. This pattern can be understood and leveraged in your habbits to achieve great things. And is evident in the acheivements of mankind throughout history.

Sound complicated? It’s quite instinctual in fact. The most successful brands on earth use this understanding in everything they do. The best designers in their fields use it,... even if they aren’t conscious of it.

Graphic design, perhaps arguably the oldest known form of language in the history of communication is still as relevant today as it has ever been. And can be supercharged when married with concepts found in sacred geometry and influenced by the golden mean ratio.

If your product or service has meaning, fills a need or improves lives, then let’s get together and discuss how best to employ an ancient, natural and universal philosophy to establish a strong foothold in your industry.

Make contact today to empower your brand.