Video & Motion Graphics

Nothing is quite as engaging as video content. It can be found anywhere now, at work, on the phone, freeway billboards, and of course now in the dashboard of the car. For the consumer, it’s effortless information. Studies are showing that words on paper are far less effective than their audible counterparts. (don’t ask me to cite my sources :)

I, myself am guilty of countless hours of nightly Youtube time. Usually content centered around traveling off grid in a well-equipped vehicle, or even just living off-grid in a well-quipped shanty. Youtube is one of many powerful tools to propel your brand into the public eye.

It can be a daunting process though, you’ll need the talent, whether it be anything from voice acting to a content centric tv style personality. You’ll need the lighting, the scheduling, the script writing and so on.

All standard stuff that can be done with the help of a small pool of like-minded people in the Redding and surrounding areas. Small to medium scale production is often done here in house. Scaling up is not a problem with the right management and extra help.

High-end productions are priceless in most situations but don’t let that stop you. Lots of success is made using a low budget run and gun style approach. At any rate we can work together to make big things happen with little effort.

Video FX / Sound FX

GiDesign is well versed in video effects and supporting sound design. Your videos don’t have to be flat and you don’t need a big production house/crew to add the necessary flare to push it over the top.

Another powerful tool in the GiDesign toolbox is over 25 years experience in 3D modeling and animation. Often if we can’t get what’s needed with live action video we can build and animate what’s needed in 3D in most cases saving time and money. Whether it’s an animated logo, an exploded product animation, or even a full scale instructional video library involving animated step by step video segments. Here is where you’ll find it.

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