Brand Development

Branding in most cases is the single most important factor in the success of your product or service-based business. There’s never been a question why fortune 500 companies consider massive branding budgets to be a cornerstone in their spending.

But branding is not just a pretty logo accompanied by a color scheme found throughout their marketing campaigns. Branding is the implementation of a well-planned framework of efforts rooted in the understanding of human psychology.

Branding is the implementation of a well-planned campaign framework rooted in human psychology.

Regrettably, the human mind is in a continuous state of desire. Most of us are perpetually seeking our next acquisition. This is why G i Design leans heavy in the direction of beneficial, useful and ethically-produced, product and service based companies.

That said, this is an incredible opportunity for new aspiring brands. If your product has meaning and is well made, serves a purpose, and truly fills a void, well then you can’t go wrong. All that’s needed is to put it in the right place in front of the right people at the right time. And of course, branded with a pretty logo in the right colors 😊

This is where G i Shines. We will work together to understand the target audience, their needs, desires and at the end of the day their decisions. We will then develop the means to cultivate the emotion that best represents your product. If needed, we can work together to fine tune the product itself. With the help of digital concepting in 3D environments we can then get a fair amount of testing out of the way. This is massively helpful with products that can require huge molds, tooling and general manufacturing expenses. It is also arguably the most effective way to “design” the product so that it is as visually appealing as it can be.

And then of course the “branding”. How does it look sitting on a shelf? How does it feel in your hands and so on. What colors best bring the product to the forefront of the mind? What color theory best applies? Does it need color at all? Does it need hard edge supporting elements or soft and light packaging design. What kind of ad frequency? Social presence, post frequency. Target age, competing brands, Trademarks, Patents. Etc etc.

Tools of the Trade...

Without giving too much away, you’re starting to get the picture. Branding efforts are crafted and sharpened often though trial and error over periods of time. Let’s work together to minimize the error and hit the market in the best starting position possible.

Let’s get started!