Product Development, Troubleshooting & Consulting

In my time on this earth I’ve helped brand and market hundreds of products and service-based initiatives. In doing so I have developed a larger perspective on human psychology, behavior and how they manifest real world market trends. This understanding of my reality has proven invaluable for me and my client base alike.

Over the years I have often quickly moved into a product development role in many successful companies and brands. I’ve also seen my fair share of failures and as such have been witness to the mistakes and pitfalls that have killed many a lifelong dreams.

The toughest part of my job has been knowingly marketing a product or brand that was destined to fail. I’ve seen products that have had no business coming into the world and so at some point it’s only for the best that I step out or the project.

However, sometimes an idea is great but often needs a shift in direction or even design. This is where I like to exist. One of my all-time favorite axioms: Form follows function, coined by Frank Lloyd Wright’s mentor; Louis Sullivan.

“Form follows function”

Usually, all you need is the function... The product needs to function to be relevant, lasting and successful. Perfect the function, fill a need, improve the quality of somebody's life and the product will naturally reveal its design.

Believe it or not, adhering to this concept seems to be the most difficult approach for most. It’s often impossible to see the big picture while laser focused on the product itself.

This is where I come in. I thrive in the space that bridges the product with the function, or... the need with the solution. Concepting a functional product doesn’t need to be like driving in fog. The big picture is priceless and will reveal the path.

My name is Mike and I’m not just another set of eyes, I'm also naturally plagued with the super-human ability to cut the fat. After decades of marketing products in nearly every industry, I’ve had to face up to the fact that success requires a big picture approach, even if it hurts.

Together we can steer your project into a deliberate, meaningful and useful direction that will ensure its lasting success. We can work together to troubleshoot, stress test and root out the unforeseen bugs often well before you have a prototype in hand.

3D Prototyping and Printing

Prototyping can be extremely expensive and it's easy to spend thousands just to test. Using 3D tools we can do a lot to troubleshoot virtually so that we waste as little as possible on the journey to market.

And finally when we can go no further virtually, your product can be 3D prototyped, often fully functioning for testing in real world application. There's a lot that can be done along the way to increase success of a new product these days and every one has it's own unique challenges.

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