3D Product Concept, Development & Presentation

GiDesign is a passion project spanning 25 years in the North State, devoted to providing 3D Concept, Development and Animation to the Redding CA area and abroad. I work directly one on one with your team to develop clean, accurate and to-scale object files, stills & animations. Whether it be for web, video, interactive or pitch deck presentation, together we can build out well lit, realistic and compelling 3D scene concepts to bring your vision to the world.

Product Concepting Process

  • What is your industry?
  • Who’s your market and what will your product do for them?
  • Are all the bugs worked out?
  • It performs well, but does it appeal to the emotions?
  • Can it be improved?

These are all questions that need to be answered honestly. We all know that when we spend months or even years obsessing over something so close to our hearts that so often the big picture POV can suffer dramatically.

Product Dev Consulting

I have experience with countless products and service based ventures that have, over the years given me a wide array of insight into humanity’s natural impulses and how they should integrate into the product development process as a whole. Learn More

If your product is in concept phase and still has the liberty of evolving further the possibilities are open ended and we can put heads together to perfect the end result. If on the other hand your product dev process is already come and gone, the next steps are equally if not even more important in many cases.

Interactive Product Assets

Digital technology has come a long way over the last several years. People are used to interacting with brands and products on a daily basis these days. Does your product need to be displayed in an interactive 3D environment? Or maybe viewed in an exploded format to really drive it home? If you don’t go all the way somebody else will. Display what makes your product unique in no uncertain terms with a complete web based interactive environment focusing on key points and visual highlights.

3D Product Presentation

Even for products with readily apparent use cases it can often be difficult to get the point across to the end user, pre-purchase. People are visual beings, spelling things out is more often than not, priceless.

But don’t make the mistake with crude unpolished visuals. The 3D and animation tools available today are stunning to say the least. Quality animation is now more available than ever for brands that need fluid, realistic and convincing animated product videos.

High-end product visuals no longer require big, over-bloated, inconsistent media firms. I help companies achieve production quality animated assets in record time. Deploy to Youtube, social accounts, Presentation slides and/or interactive web applications for a fraction of the budget you find using the big city design houses. All under one roof in Northen California.

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