Printing & Print Design

Product branding can hardly exist without printed materials. You have Product Packaging, Product Display, Brochures, Instructional Materials and of course Business Cards being some of the things we develop, design, print and manage. Internal documents and stationary printing, no doubt less glamourous but no less necessary.

We like to keep it all as local as possible working with several of the top print houses in California as well as the Western United States. But there are times when online is the only choice. In fact, it’s not uncommon for local brick and mortar printers to outsource print products when only the high end stuff will do.

Printing has come a long, long way in a short time, especially with business cards. If your business cards don’t have colored edges, raised spot UV and foil logos, I mean, is it even a business card?

Another GiDesign favorite are booklets, whether it be product catalogs, educational materials or even elaborate product brochures. Booklets are great for providing quantities of information as well as a great way to truly captivate your would-be customers. It’s one thing to get your point across but quite another to elicit emotion and even entertain someone in the process.

"Printed materials may be on the decline with all the digital fuss but at present, continue to remain a strong factor in any branding & marketing campaign"

And of course there are post cards, rack cards and flyers but GiDesign doesn’t stop there. We provide design and printing services for hang banners, stand-up banners, trade show booths, window wraps, car wraps as well as auto fleet graphics.

We’ve been providing graphic design services on the West Coast for over 25 years. We’ve designed and developed everything from apparel art to interstate billboards.

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