Content Creation, Management and Social Accounts

One of the many things you pick up along the way when developing and creating online content for 20+ years is how to write a good block of text. If it wasn’t for my love for design, I’d likely opt for a career in editing at this point.

In dealing directly with busy, successful product and service-based management individuals (usually lacking a marketing department) GiDesign was built on decades of turning piles of cryptic, near indecipherable information into fluid, entertaining and informative content.

I also work directly with local content writers as well to provide meaningful readable text content for web sites, ad campaigns and social media accounts for manufacturing companies, construction companies, cannabis outlets, product brands and education organizations.

Real content is not dead!

Today it’s become popular to fall into the recent AI craze to produce content for websites, ads and even video content. I have several reservations concerning anything artificial, the least of which it just simply is not good enough yet.

So for now GiDesign will continue to produce content the old-fashioned way, through relationships with real people that pay real bills and feed real kids.

Contact a real person today.