Redding Website Design and Development

Building and developing high end, industry specific web applications for over 25 years. We offer a full stack web development skill set. And have built on nearly every platform available including but not limited to: Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, ASP, HTML as well as all the hosted solutions such as Squarespace, Wix and the like and/or Shopify, ECWID, Big Cart, OSCommerce, Ebay, Amazon and so on.

And allways with search engines in mind. We build each and every project out using current SEO standards to ensure relevance on Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, Safari and so on. We also "build-to-suit" based on current mobile and responsive standards using HTML5, CSS4, Bootstrap and jQuery.


If left up to us we lean heavily on raw HTML & PHP, using the Bootstrap framework, hosted on Amazon AWS Hosting solutions. The reason behind this is simple, SEO! We concept, develop, and build fresh with search results in mind from the start.

SEO standards are such that we strive for as little code as possible vs. as much relevant, informative and readable content as possible. This is very difficult when using something like Wordpress and other massive software-like platforms.

If you don’t need a complete custom-built solution and Wordpress-like applications are necessary then we like to limit it to what it does best, not depending on them for the website as a whole. While these applications make it a snap for in-house management, they tend to handicap those focused on maximizing search results.

Full Custom, Software style Web Applications & Ad Development

We love the digital application development process. Need to bring a user into your environment and provide seamless solutions for your service-based brand? Let’s put together a story board that provides a clear path to the perfect solution.

Web Presence Case Studies

GiDesign is in essence, a “Bay Area firm” style development studio conveniently located in the heart of Northern California (The real Northing California). Providing everything under one roof and specializing in Branding, Product Concept, Product Development, Print Design, Motion Graphics, Marketing, Social and Ads Management.

Consider the convenience of one, small, local team developing your brand and product, vetting its target market, and deploying to the most accurate “would-be” buyers through web, print & video all under one roof right in your hometown.

Let’s be clear; we provide all of this for our clients all over California along with the Western United States. However, we would like to remind the Redding area that you don’t need to seek out big city design firms to get relevant, classy, effective branding and marketing.

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