Cannabis Focused

I’ve developed branding and packaging for all areas of the cannabis industry including grow op supplies such as packaging & labeling for lighting units and nutrient brands, edibles and packaged strain branding / packaging as well as printed assets and trade show marketing materials.

packaging & design for the cannabis products industry
branding design and packaging in the cannabis products industry

Branding and Brand development for cannabis consumables

Branding cannabis products and consumables can be a lot of fun as the trend continues to move towards the beer and wine label-like styles. People love labels that tell a story and this industry is a great opportunity to do just that. Whether it be the development of animated style characters representing the different strains or the organic and natural painted scenic styling that captures your inner child’s imagination, We have the skill set to bring your ideas to life. Learn More

Packaging Development

Product packaging for any industry can be incredibly involved. Being that the cannabis industry is relatively young it helps to find a package designer that has years upon years of experience. There are many many options in the realm of product packaging these days and equally as many ways to keep the cost down without compromising impact. We help brands avoid the trial and error pitfalls that can end up crippling a budding brand (respect the pun). Learn More

branding design and packaging in the cannabis products industry
branding design and packaging in the cannabis products industry

Web & Social Presence

The online landscape is quite possibly the most powerful medium for any industry and the cannabis industry is no different. The public loves information and if your competition provides more of it, you can bet your would-be buyers will be spending their leisure time elsewhere.

The web can be used to captivate an audience as effectively as any form of entertainment. And while captivated they are yours to inform, educate and build relationships with. This is the experience that buyers seek out when perusing the web. People naturally seek to interact with thoughtful, creative and engaging sources and the most successful companies know this to be a priceless asset to their marketing efforts. Learn More

All Under One Roof

And of course in the interest of consistency it’s always nice to have all of this available under one roof. We see all too often even some of the most established brands having trouble working with several different agencies to keep their design and marketing efforts aligned. Rest assured the integrity of your branding will be preserved regardless, whether it be packaging, printing, digital publishing, social marketing as well as promotional, event and campaign development. I provide a level of service one would expect to get only from a bay area design firm and all at a sensible price tag that will actually make sense.

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