Clothing Brand & Apparel Design for Production Screen Printing

Deep, deep into the roots of my design career you’ll find apparel design and clothing brand production experience. This has continued with now over 30 years of shirt design, illustration, and screen-printing file prep. I work regularly with several of the top screen printers in the Northern California area. In fact Redding is famous for having some of the best screen printers this side of the Bay.

Successful apparel brands know more than anybody how wavering and fickle by nature the street fashion industry has become. One design doesn’t go far anymore. To stay relevant a clothing company needs to continuously output new product. Always moving in the newest, latest direction not only in terms of art and subject matter but perhaps most importantly the emerging trends in color, fit and material imports.

I have produced over a thousand print ready design files for the skateboard, firearms, patriotic, extreme sports, self-empowerment, new age and other popular culture genres.

Let’s talk about developing a unique, brand consistent art style for your clothing or shirt line.

Contact Mike at GiDesign, for a seasoned and versatile apparel & clothing brand designer in Redding California!