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The following are project case studies for clients surrounding the Redding Area. We have long since proven an afinity for consulting and producing cohesive packages. These packages include dynamic website platforms, matching print collateral and supporting medias as well as SEO management. We also consult and aid in product design, development, branding, packaging and placement.

Muse Concrete

  • Identy branding for construction company in california

    Muse Concrete Logo

    Evolution of an established identity
  • Printed pieces for construction companies in redding area

    Printed Pieces

    Print design and layout.
  • Website and seo package for northern california concrete company

    Online Presence

    Brochure website with project gallery and employment submission.

Website development, identity evolution, collateral design and printing.

Aztec Construction & Restoration

  • Identy branding for emergency response company in california

    Identity / Logo Development

    Extensive development for apparel, fleet graphics, printing, and media.
  • large format printed display

    Large Format Printed Display

    Trade show banner design and print.
  • interactive internet presence & seo development

    Online Presence

    Interactive web & seo development.
  • Deskpad calendar promotional pieces

    Printed Promotional Pieces

    Annual deskpad calendar design & print.
  • Full color fleet graphics, vehicle wrap design

    Fleet Graphics

    Full color vehicle wrap design for several makes and models.

Identity, website, print collateral, apparel & fleet graphics.

Redding Paintball

  • Logo identity for Redding Paintball Park

    Identity / Logo Development

    Logo dev for print website & multimedia.
  • Website, SEO & Social Media Presence

    Online Presence

    Website, SEO & social media for Redding Paintball
  • Redding Paintball Printed Materials

    Print Materials

    Brocures, business cards and campaign materials.
  • Redding Paintball Video Segment and Youtube Channel

    Video / Youtube Development

    Promo videos & Youtube presence.

Identity, website, print materials, social media / seo & video segments.

Reed's Autobody

  • Logo identity for Redding Paintball Park

    Identity / Logo Update

    Logo polish based on supplied artwork.
  • Website, SEO & Social Media Presence

    Reed's Autobody website

    Website & on page SEO.
  • Reed's Autobody Printed Materials

    Print Materials

    Brocures, business cards and misc campaign materials.

Identity, website & print materials.