The branding process requires forethought and follow through.

We do not adhere to any base minimum pricing structure. Your project may be done within an hour and thus prove to be the most inexpensive thing you've done all year. However, in effort to continue to meet the standards for which this company has become known, you may need to truly consider your projected budget. Following are a few questions that will help define your project in terms of efficacy within the world of your target market. These will be important first steps in a successful approach for any branding endeavor. For instance, is your product or service competing on a national scale? If so, your budget may need to be in the 10s of thousands or even higher in order to break in with the impact needed to remain. That isn't to say that there aren't creative things that you can achieve with less, but in most cases that level requires a complete and well rounded effort in many areas of today's public periphery.

The Scope of Things

A well designed product deserves equally well planned Branding & Marketing efforts.

You will need to consider many things surrounding the success of your project. If it has what it takes to land on its feet then the steps you take from there should not be wasted. The public will need to see supporting web applications, printed materials, elegant packaging and positive, engaging activity within the social mediums. Looking good is not all there is in this game, you'll need to establish yourself among your competitors and buyers as if you've been here all along. If this all sounds like music to your ears then we should connect because it can all be achieved right here with consistency and continuity that will set you above and apart not left by the wayside like so many others.

I have spent over 20 years perfecting my skills in the Concept, Design, Print, Packaging, Advertising, Publishing and Marketing industries. If you believe in your project and are in need of a complete package without compromise feel free to connect with me and get the party started.

~ Mike L.